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Story Cellars was borne out of a wonderful project called ‘Love in a Time of Corona’ where a likeminded bunch of people got together during the Coronavirus lockdown and shared stories about wineries, their winemakers, their owners and their wines. After all, wine is a social tool put on this earth to bring people together, to facilitate story-telling and to accompany a meal with family and friends.

Story Cellars is an experience offered by 'Harry's Big Wine Adventure'. The main aim of these sessions is to open a repertoire of wines to the typical wine drinker through story telling and interaction with those involved with the wines. It is through these stories and interactive sessions that each of the wineries displays its personality, and it is this personality that makes the often confusing practice of purchasing wine that much easier. Even without knowing what is in the glass. And so the wines become less intimidating...even fun.

These sessions have been put together organically and independently - i.e. I am receiving no kick backs from the wineries that join us for these sessions. The main aim is to help the average wine drinker build relationships with the wine brands so that the very product that is meant to bring people together and help with engaging and story telling does not actually scare and intimidate them......

Below is listed our upcoming Story Cellar sessions.

Lovely stuff, Harry

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